Progress on the south wall

After a couple of weeks break from the hammer and bolster we were back into the swing of things this afternoon.  The piano was safely moved to the north side of the space allowing access to another ‘Class A’ rising damp spot.

'Oliver's Wall'

All walls of the main space have now had some render removed.  It does give us some encouragement.  The new apprentice worked well, although he is right-handed.  Oh well, we can overlook that.

Two hours work - good progress!

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  1. So impressive! and after all your exercise on Saturday!

  2. We’re saving the west interior wall for international visitors in summer.

  3. You may want to get some references about international visitors competence. Do not yet have one good “do it myself” story: painting book cases – ugly. Varnishing chest- well Bra Robert Zuma not only felt the need to “do it again” but actually sand off all that I had done. Best ever- thought I could fix the lock on my door myself- on returning home at 6pm had to call a locksmith to let me in – he couldn’t work out what had gone so badly wrong- until the door opened and there in all its guilty glory was the hammer and packet of nails still sitting on the table….. “best to leave it to people who know what they are doing..” he said. Mortified!


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