Apprentices to return to work… soon?

The summer months have seen a slow-down in progress at the Cordial Factory.  At the beginning of December the apprentices informed management of seasonal work commitments.  They would not be available until the end of February.  As such, all progress on the Cordial Factory has ceased (not unlike many episodes of Grand Design).  Despite the lack of progress over these past months it is encouraging to note that when the apprentices return to work they will bring with them new and improved skills.

Managing a heavily loaded wheelbarrow over steep terrain is a valuable skill – being able to ride in such a wheelbarrow just as challenging.

Being able to get around the work site quickly and safely is crucial.  And being able to stop!

Concentrating when handling powerful machinery is essential, demonstrated expertly by our senior apprentice.

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  1. You are the best of brothers Darren. This is fantastic. Well done the apprentices for all this diligent practice- it’s good to know that they are willing to do this kind of work during the holidays! Charlie keeps me updated on his plans for the link – so suspect he may have been practicing his architectural skills as well – last time I spoke to him he was pondering the best kind of materials to use for the floor for the Link so that his remote car can easily move through it – to quote: “well – Mum and Dad don’t want me to use the car inside…. I don’t know if that will mean the hall as well… but it will have to go through the link so we will have to have a good surface there… might be wood in the hall but I think concrete will be best for the link…” or words to that effect!

  2. ye gods!

    I had no idea that by letting you lot loll around in South Gippsland over the Christmas-New year break that I was causing such a major impact on production flow! Had I known, you could have brouught down a trailer load of bricks for people to clean!



  3. Just checking in on those lazy apprentices- they’ve had another set of holidays and I imagine more practicing of essential skills….. but have they done any work yet? You may be able to lend them to Mr J L B Matekoni soon to replace his!


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