Everything I need to know about cement I learnt from the Cordial Factory

In an attempt to save some money the team decided to remove the cement floor themselves. It is an excellent example of the false economy one can experience when renovating. This task has included the hire and use of an electric jackhammer  (great tool but no match for the thickest of the cement), 3 hours work by a professional cement saw operator ($400 blade worn through), four trailer loads of cement to ASQ for recycling (and counting), the removal and stacking of 100+ bricks and several appointments to the chiropractor. The finish is in sight, well at least for this particular chapter of the build – or should that be preparation for the build.

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  1. So so glad end in sight – it all sounds too awful to think about

    • It certainly feels awful – who knew concrete was so gritty? And it gets into everything! I like to think that with all the sweat, it’s a special, construction exfoliation. My motivation is a bathroom with a bath.

  2. Hello Cordial people…..I hear new things being done! Have you got the apprentices driving the excavator yet?

    • Hi Penny,
      Massive rain here over Friday night/Saturday morning so the apprentices have been house-bound for much of the weekend. They have been exploring options for their own build with alterations to the cubby. Unfortunately that site has been temporarily closed while WorkSafe investigates an ‘incident’ that occurred on Friday after school. Apparently one of the apprentices dropped a piece of wood on another apprentice’s head while they were ‘working’ in the sandpit. Messy business!


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