Day 92 – The kitchen is in

Today is a landmark day. The Cordial Factory Crew are proud to announce that the kitchen is in. Hooray! We are being a little premature as the photos will attest. Yes, the kitchen is in, it’s just not put together yet. Soon, very soon. Matt has also been working away at the fiddly bits (a technical term for skirtings and architraves). Dugald has told us to be ready to move into the hall this weekend. That’s only 4 sleeps. Next week they are planning to pull down the back end of the house. Time to pack some boxes.

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  1. Cannot believe it- on tenterhooks for next round of photos. But simply horrified that the next phase is going to be so drastic

  2. And must confess despite being shown plans, and having explanations- having no spatial imagination at all – I still can’t visualise the completed kitchen!

  3. How exciting!! What fun you will have finding new homes for all your kitchen bits … plenty of cupboards and bench space.

  4. Jimbo and Grandma

    We snuck a look through the end (formerly door) window today (Wed) and saw the benches are in!!!.

    Beds and other facilities are well and truly available at 2/11 Berkeley as of this weekend should they be required.

    Also, could you send the cordial factory bulletins to us on

  5. Charlotte Cameron

    Looking great guys! When I was last in The Cordial Factory it was in the early stages and I can’t wait until I get there to check it out again! Been so exciting seeing it transform! xoxo

  6. …(Hi Kim!) – and hopefully little magic voices produced at Hogsback which will a squeak at you – “you already have three” when you put in the newest version of the new melon baller. Any chance you have pictures of it when in before you had to put all the rest of the back rooms in there?


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