Day 107 – Chimneys come down

The end of the working week sees the work site in a state very different from what it was like on Monday. The chimneys have gone, along with the asbestos sheeting, roof and much of the framing. It shouldn’t take long for the last of it to be cleared on Monday. At this point we are not sure whether the floor will be retained but we do hope that at least the stumps and bearers can be used. That would save a bit of time and money (perhaps). We’ll wait and see what transpires next week.

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  1. Peripheral comments 1) wow you really do have a lot of water tanks now; 2) the cold drink sign? A relic too? 3) How is your neighbour behind her high screen of trees coping? 4) I am sure not one drop of regret at loss of kitchen and bathroom by anyone?

  2. Charlotte Cameron

    Wow guys! Unbelievable amount of work since I was last there! Looking forward to seeing it all through my own eyes! Say hello to Charlie and Declan for me, although I’ll be seeing you all tomorrow! Lots of love!


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