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Site meeting – floor levels

This morning the Cordial Factory Crew had a site meeting with Paul and Robyn from Lifehouse Design and Dugald and Ross from VRBS. The number 1 item on the agenda was floor levels. During the design phase a final floor height was not specified. We were wanting to determine that at the beginning of the build – match the new floor with the existing floor level if possible. Of course, the challenge was always going to be the link between the two buildings. There will now be a step up into the hall and the house from the link.

There was a discussion about drainage and a decision was made to install a sump and pump under the floor of the hall. This could prove invaluable in the event of significant flooding.

Decisions, decisions, decisions

The team have entered the next challenging stage of the Cordial Factory renovation – design development.  Decisions need to be made regarding the type of cooktop, width of oven, tapware (mixer or separate?), what do we think about pendant lights, do we have strong feelings regarding tiles in the bathroom? (‘Yes’, says my co-worker!), etc.  Many, many decisions.  Thank goodness we’re not building a home from scratch.  That would be way beyond our abilities.  It’s good to know we have seasoned professionals to help us through this bit.  We just don’t want to sit down to a catalog of 37 taps and be asked which one we like.  A choice from three will be fine.