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Living on two sides of the driveway

It is official. We have a kitchen, dining area and living space that we are now using. It’s a bit challenging juggling between the two separate spaces across the driveway but we are gradually developing a routine. The builders started tearing apart the read end of the house last Monday. They’d done as much as they could by lunch. A lot of asbestos sheeting was used in a previous ‘upgrade’ so a team of experts will be in this Tuesday to remove all the sheeting safely. Then it’s full steam ahead with the rear of the house and the link. The Cordial Factory Crew have been flat out this past two weeks and are feeling somewhat discombobulated.

Day 92 – The kitchen is in

Today is a landmark day. The Cordial Factory Crew are proud to announce that the kitchen is in. Hooray! We are being a little premature as the photos will attest. Yes, the kitchen is in, it’s just not put together yet. Soon, very soon. Matt has also been working away at the fiddly bits (a technical term for skirtings and architraves). Dugald has told us to be ready to move into the hall this weekend. That’s only 4 sleeps. Next week they are planning to pull down the back end of the house. Time to pack some boxes.

Day 91 – The Wormy Chestnut floor

This was not the first nor second floor we had selected but we are very happy with the final choice. There is no evidence of any worms but if you look carefully at the photos you will see some lovely squiggly, wiggly grain. The wood has been treated with a linseed oil based product. It left the hall smelling like a cricket bat before the new season. The CFC (Cordial Factory Crew) left everyone else working hard and took a mini-break in the Melbourne metropolis. It was great to come home and see the floor installed.

Day 86 – Plastering

During the past 3 days the plasterers have been busy lining the walls and ceiling. Some of the sheets of plaster were huge. The guys did a great job navigating the beams, particularly when they were on the stilts.

Day 83 – Insulated

After several days of hammering and the preparation of timber for the stud walls, it is now much quieter in the hall. The R2.5 insulation wool has been inserted into the roof space and the new foam walls. As well as its insulating properties, it has a sound proofing capacity as well. It is working wonderfully on the noise out the front, so we hope it will have an equal effect on the sometimes loud rows from the junior apprentices.

Day 69 – Four windows fitted

It’s taken a fair bit of brickwork by Matt but the windows for the kitchen and dining area are in. They are double-hung sashless windows with double glazing.

Day 63 – Yellow tongue flooring

A significant milestone today! The builders finished laying the yellow tongue flooring. This is a relief as we no longer have to worry about little people wanting to practise their balancing skills along the joists. Foilboard has been installed between the joists.