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Living on two sides of the driveway

It is official. We have a kitchen, dining area and living space that we are now using. It’s a bit challenging juggling between the two separate spaces across the driveway but we are gradually developing a routine. The builders started tearing apart the read end of the house last Monday. They’d done as much as they could by lunch. A lot of asbestos sheeting was used in a previous ‘upgrade’ so a team of experts will be in this Tuesday to remove all the sheeting safely. Then it’s full steam ahead with the rear of the house and the link. The Cordial Factory Crew have been flat out this past two weeks and are feeling somewhat discombobulated.

Rationalising and relocating

As our plans become clearer and the Factory dustier the need to rationalise and relocate our stuff becomes more necessary.  This is challenging as each member of the team has differing opinions as to what is worthy of relocating and what needs to be ‘recycled’ at the local op shop or municipal depot.

Of course, in relocating important items to a new space the realisation that we require more storage in the house becomes apparent – hence the new acquisition, as seen below.

New home for prime entertainment assets