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Senior apprentice strength training

With today being a public holiday (Queen’s Birthday) the apprentices took the opportunity to do some strength training. Hopefully this will assist them when it comes to moving all the bricks and timber from the demolition of the back part of the hall.


Apprentices to return to work… soon?

The summer months have seen a slow-down in progress at the Cordial Factory.  At the beginning of December the apprentices informed management of seasonal work commitments.  They would not be available until the end of February.  As such, all progress on the Cordial Factory has ceased (not unlike many episodes of Grand Design).  Despite the lack of progress over these past months it is encouraging to note that when the apprentices return to work they will bring with them new and improved skills.

Managing a heavily loaded wheelbarrow over steep terrain is a valuable skill – being able to ride in such a wheelbarrow just as challenging.

Being able to get around the work site quickly and safely is crucial.  And being able to stop!

Concentrating when handling powerful machinery is essential, demonstrated expertly by our senior apprentice.

‘Stop work’ action by young worker

The Cordial Factory has been rocked today with industrial action by one of its ‘apprentices’.  The youngest worker on the site has declared that conditions are unacceptable and no further work will be done until a new agreement is reached.  Management were left reeling this morning when they heard of the new demands – including two 30 minute ‘entertainment’ breaks (9:30am and 3:00pm).  The young worker, when questioned, denied that the breaks had anything to do with an ABC television show for pre-schoolers.

Industrial action over working conditions

Tools down, stop work!