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Day 123 – Car park full!

Earlier in the year the Cordial Factory Crew would regularly drive past a building site close to town. It seemed to always have lots of Vic Restoration vehicles out the front. Junior members would often comment “Why aren’t they at our place?” Well, today they were. Five builders, three plumbers, one mini excavator, two solar electricians and a mobile ‘Test and Tag’ guy battled it out for parking space. (I really should have taken a photo of that).

In the past week we have had over 30mm of rain which shut down the site for three days. The guys were back last Friday and got stuck into the framing. Today they continued framing up the back of the cottage and began the link. Mick, the plumber dug trenches with his mini excavator for drainage and rainwater tank integration. The rest of his crew fitted the pipes for the plumbing of the bathroom and en-suite.

What a hive of activity – could almost make one think that we’d have a working bathroom by Christmas. Alas, our site meeting with Dugald provided us with a more realistic expectation. He’s confident there will be access to both wings through the link by Christmas. So, advance notice to friends and family – our home will still be a building site come Christmas time. Nevertheless, the CFC are committed to providing a warm welcome to all visitors – you just may need to bring your own hardhat and wear a high-visibility vest.

Day 22, 52 & 54 – Plumbing

After starting off with a burst, progress has been frustratingly slow. The bearers are now in place. The pipes for the hot and cold water, hydronic heating, gas and drainage for the sink are also in place. Hopefully things will start to move along more quickly now that the floor can go down.

Site meeting – floor levels

This morning the Cordial Factory Crew had a site meeting with Paul and Robyn from Lifehouse Design and Dugald and Ross from VRBS. The number 1 item on the agenda was floor levels. During the design phase a final floor height was not specified. We were wanting to determine that at the beginning of the build – match the new floor with the existing floor level if possible. Of course, the challenge was always going to be the link between the two buildings. There will now be a step up into the hall and the house from the link.

There was a discussion about drainage and a decision was made to install a sump and pump under the floor of the hall. This could prove invaluable in the event of significant flooding.